Wednesday, December 13, 2017

About Scenography Today

Scenography Today is a place meant for people interested in scenic design. A place of interest for the general audience as well as a reference for set designers, architects, costume designers, artistic directors, theatre managers, stage directors and other scenic professionals.

Scenography Today features outstanding sets, innovative products and technologies, industry news, and the latest academic papers.

On Scenography Today you can meet the biggest talents in the theatre, opera, movie, fashion and exhibition design industry, from established names to up-and-coming young designers, through the eyes of the greatest photographers.

Scenography Today official language

Scenography Today uses English as its official language.

With over 900 million first- and second-language users worldwide, English is one of the most widely spoken, understood, and fastest spreading world languages today1.

All contributions are written in English independently of the writer’s mother tongue.


1“English”. Ethnologue. Retrieved 2016-10-29.

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What do we look for?

We look for visual rendering, be it image, video or animation, of realized or unrealized scenic design. Designs that move the audience, have a powerful storytelling and are of uncompromising aesthetics; designs characterised by authenticity, creativity, excellence, and innovation.

We look for innovative points of view on the current scenic productions worldwide.

We look for cutting edge scholarly research on scenic design and technology.


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