Robert Wilson, Edda

At Det Norske Teater, Oslo, NO | World premiere on March 4, 2017 - until May 3.   Robert Wilson's Edda is based on a text by author and playwright Jon...

Ulrich Rasche, Die Räuber

Currently at Residenztheater, Munich, DE   Two gigantic belt conveyors on a revolving platform. A merciless machine conceived by Rasche to symbolise the continuous, mankind-independent, movement of the "terrestrial globe we...

Milja Salovaara, Draum om hausten

Currently on stage at the Oslo Nationaltheatret, Oslo, NO   Milja Salovaara - Draum om hausten (Jon Fosse) - 2016 Direction Trine Wiggen Set design Milja Salovaara Costume design Milja Salovaara Light design Torkel Skjærven Photo credits Erik Berg  
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