Sila Sveta Pygmalion

Sila Sveta, Pygmalion

January 29, 2017


Giuliano Picchi

Pygmalion is an experimental live stage performance created by Sila Sveta. The 2-minute show combines fine choreography and digital artistry presenting a magical mixture of the real and the digital.
Sila Sveta Pygmalion

Created for the second round of America’s Got Talent TV show, Pygmalion was staged at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles in 2016.

Around 72 million TV viewers watched the broadcast of Pygmalion.

«Pygmalion is an emotional choreographic act, a mixture of live dance performance and digital media art. It tells the story of a desperate computer genius flipping through his files in the attempt to create an ideal woman,» Sila Sveta told Scenography Today. «The image is first shaped in the digital world to be then mirrored in the flesh».

Sila Sveta Pygmalion
Sila Sveta Pygmalion
A pair of dancers performs inside the transparent scrim cube, while the content on its walls creates an effect of performers being fully immersed in the digital world. Strategically placed projectors with mirror lenses as well as directed light allow the performers to be clearly visible from outside and the cube and the projected content to be bright and clear.
Sila Sveta Pygmalion
Sila Sveta Pygmalion

The set consists of a cube made of trusses holding projection scrims, four projectors with ultra-short throw mirror lenses, and lighting equipment.

Using 3D video mapping the performers interact with the projected visuals:

Watch the full performance:

Founded in Moscow, RU, in 2007 and based Los Angeles, US, Sila Sveta is an interactive media, turnkey production and conceptual design company operating globally.
All photos: Evgeny Arkhipov // Graphics and photos courtesy of Sila Sveta