Technologized bodies – cyborg scenographies, by Emmanouela Vogiatzaki-Krukowski

February 24, 2017



In a cyborg performance, the ways of creating a set, directing a body and interacting with the spectator are very much different from any ordinary performance. When the technology enters, extends or amplifies the human body, the performance space adjusts to new narrative conditions. A cyborg performer can affect the Scenography and sometimes transform the space into a cyborg environment. This article is a study about cyborg Scenographies, spaces which incorporate organic and mechanical elements, control systems with technologized human bodies. Directing such Scenographies is like programming a system, viewing such spectacles can sometimes turn the spectator into a user. This kind of transformations in performance art raise questions, such as: what kind of Art do we create nowadays and what kind of worlds do we build? Do we need to re-evaluate things, realise new situations and decide about what we want to say and how to express it?

Full paper: Vogiatzaki – Krukowski Technologized Bodies – Cyborg Scenographies